November 8, 2006 We have our first International Winner! Congratulations to Crowns Cleopatra Punavikista and owner/handler Christine Roesler for her "Excellent" rating and win at the World Dog Show in Poland! "Cleo" now carries the title "World Winner 2006"! At just 20 months, lovely Miss Cleo won the CACIB/CAC for the females under a Swedish judge. She was defeated only by a very nice boy from Finland who is already a champion in Finland. We are so pleased and thankful that Christine made the long journey to Poland with this girl! What a team these two make!

August 28, 2006 Back to the East Coast with young Crowns Cayenne and Crowns Cleopatra of Punavikista out for the weekend! Miss Cleo showed what she was made of by going Best of Opposite Sex over a bitch special both days of the weekend! As always, she was beautifully handled by her mom, Christine Roesler of Punavikista Kennel. Not wanting to be left behind, young Cayenne also added to his point total by going Best of Winners on Sunday. Congratulations to "the kids", Cleo and Cayenne, and their families, Christine Roesler and Jeanne and Gil Pacheco!

August 21, 2006 On to Greeley, CO, this time with major points at stake, and Tino showed well again to pick up his first major win! Congratulations to Tino, and to Dave and Alessandra who have done such a wonderful job raising this young boy!

August 14, 2006 Crowns Valentino ("Tino") is on his way! He picked up an additional point towards his championship over a much more experienced Finkie handled by a profesional in Fort Collins, CO yesterday. And this time he did it under the handling of his dad, Dave Wiechmann, who made just his second appearance in the show ring! BIG congratulations to Tino and Dave for a nice job showing!

Crowns Punaukea Taru Mielikke
July 22, 2006 Little Miss Liekki, a/k/a Crowns Punaukea Taru Mielikke, had a great outing at a large show in Houston last weekend. In just her third show weekend, she went Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite sex two of the three days, and Reserve Winners Bitch the third day. She chalked up 7 of her 15 points needed toward her championship, and most importantly both of her "major" wins. Congratulations to Liekki, handler Karen Mounts and our friends the Swishers at Punaukea!

Crowns Valentino
July 17 2006 Crowns Valentino ("Tino") has started his show career! He picked up his first points in just his second weekend of showing at Colorado Springs last month. Congratulations to Tino and owners Dave and Alessandra! We're looking forward to seeing more of this boy in the ring!

Crowns Cayenne
July 13, 2006 More good news and this time from East Coast! Young Crowns Cayenne received his first AKC championship point by going Best of Winners on July 2. He followed it up later in the day with a Puppy Group 3! This was his first day of showing at just seven months. Last weekend he did not have competition for points but still showed his heart out and was rewarded with another Puppy Group 3 in West Springfield, MA. Congratulations to Cayenne on a great start and his owner, Jeanne Pacheco and handler Christine Roesler! But Cayenne was not only the Crowns dog in these shows. Lovely Miss Cleo, a/k/a, Crowns Cleopatra Punavikista also added another point to her championship points on July 2 and is now just one major shy of her AKC championship. Congratulations to Cleo and owner-handler Christine Roesler!

July 10, 2006 It was an exciting weekend here for a couple of Crowns bred dogs! First, Kolstar Crowns Metsahmies Poika, a/k/a "Sami", is our newest AKC Champion! And he was owner-handled for all of his points by new owner-handlers Cynthia Hynes and daughter Cambria. A BIG congratulations to Sami, Cynthia and Cambria for an outstanding job with this beautiful boy! Check our puppies page for Sami's first breeding. That was followed by the news that CH Crowns Joulu Lahja, a/k/a "Jay", took breed both days in Bandon, OR and a Group 3 on Saturday! Just his second weekend out as a special, Jay was handled by Ernie Lloyd. Congratulations to Jay, the Winters and Ernie!

June 7, 2006 After six years, we decided our website needed a facelift! In addition to a change in appearance, we hope that with some of the newer programming it is more user friendly and faster. Feel free to email me with your comments and any errors you encounter!

June 1, 2006 Our imported puppy from Finland, Pyrakka Nasse, had an outstanding weekend in Spokane for the Finnish Spitz Club of America supported entry. Nasse was awarded Best Puppy in Sweepstakes, Winners Dog and Best of Winners! He now just needs a couple of single points to finish his AKC championship. Congratulations Nasse and handler Michelle Leathers!

September 27, 2005 It was a HOT weekend in St. Louis for the 14th annual Finnish Spitz Club of America National Specialty! As I was show chair, the dogs that live here could not be shown, but we enjoyed seeing Maja and Cleo in the ring. Miss Maja was one of only two bitch specials to make the cut for breed each day of the weekend. This was only her second weekend of showing since she finished her championship and her first outdoors show so we were very pleased with her performance. She was a trooper in the heat and rain over the weekend! Congratulations to Rob Winter for doing such a nice job handling her and getting her ready for this show. We look forward to great things from this team in the future. Christine Roesler has also done wonderful things with baby Cleo who was just seven months old. That work paid off when Cleo was awarded Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweeps and Reserve Winners Bitch the day of the specialty. She also went Winners Bitch one of the days over the weekend for a major win. Congratulations to Christine and Cleo!

May 16, 2005 Young Tapio had a good weekend in Denton. He was awarded his first two points from the junior class by going WD on Sunday. Congratulations Tapio!

April 18, 2005 After a six month hiatus due to an issue with a pad on her foot, lovely Miss Summer had another big weekend at the Finnish Spitz Club of America supported entry weekend in Brighton, CO. Summer was awarded Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Sunday which completed the points for her AKC championship. Congratulations Summer on a fabulous run!

March 16, 2005 Kolstar Crowns Metsamies Poika, affectionately known as "Sami", is now living in CA with Cynthia Hynes and family. In their first show weekend together, Sami was awarded Best of Winners for a three point major win. Congratulations Sami and Cynthia! We're looking forward to watching what this team will accomplish in both the conformation and agility rings!

March 15, 2005 It has been eleven days since we learned of the death of Leevi, and I still cannot write this without tears streaming down my face. Leevi was a special boy who had a charsmatic personality and an exciting future ahead of him in the show ring. He was cuddled, loved and adored by Jeanne and Gil Pacheco, who did everything right with him and were a shining example of responsible dog owners. Approximately once every six weeks, they allowed him to attend a doggy daycare that he loved and came highly recommended to them. At some point, a number of the dogs were left unsupervised in the yard and a fight broke out. Leevi was attacked by another dog who bit him in a kidney, puctured it, and he hemorrhaged to death. He had just turned 19 months old. Please think long and hard about whether a doggie daycare is worth the risk of this type of tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeanie and Gil in their grief. We miss you, Leevi.

February 22, 2005 Maja is a good example of the slow maturation that can be expected in this breed. As a pup, her undercoat was muddy rather than the beautiful, clear color expected in the breed. She also did not have the usual Finkie temperament, she was very shy and lacked confidence. But we saw the potential in her. We spent a year building up her temperament and self-confidence, another year waiting for her to mature physically, and decided it was time for ring experience. She moved to our friends' house, Rob and Erin Winter at Talvi Finnish Spitz last year, where Rob and Erin worked with her on ring training. She made her ring debut Thanksgiving weekend which gave us a chance to see where she needed more work. Three months later, she walked into the ring in Denver and wowed the crowd! She took Winners Bitch three of the four days in Denver as well as Best of Opposite Sex. On two of those days, that honer was awarded to her over two bitch specials in the ring. She finished the weekend with 10 of the 15 points needed for her championships and two four-point major wins! Congratulations Maja! And our heartfelt thanks to Rob and Erin for the time and effort they put in getting her ready for this.

February 11, 2005 Erika surprised us by delivering SIX beautiful, healthy pups! Visit our Puppies page for photos. Congratulations to proud parents CH Blizzard's Erika and CH Crowns Joulu Lahja!

December 9, 2004 It's been far too long since I updated this page! But we have to share our joy in seeing so many dogs that started their lives here do so well at the 2004 Finnish Spitz Club of America national specialty. First there is Jay, CH Crowns Joulu Lahja, who took Winners Dog the day of the specialty, Reserve Winners Dog the second day and Winners Dog and Best of Winners again the third day to finish his championship. Congratulations to Jay and the Winters on a successful weekend! Not to be outdone, Summer, Crowns Talvi Summer Sunrise, took Best Puppy in Sweepstakes the day of the specialty and Reserve Winners Bitch. She took Winners Bitch the third day for her second major win and now needs just one point to finish her championship. The big surprise was Crowns Punaukea Viekas Leevi, a Cisco grandson, who got better every day. In just his second show weekend, he took Reserve Winners Dog the third day and Winners Dog and Best of Winners on the fourth day for additional points toward his championship. We had not seen him since he left here as a pup so it was a delight to see him in the ring. Congratulations to Leevi and his mom, Jeanne Pacheco! CH Kolstar Aragorn the Renewer, fondly known as Strider and who is also a Cisco grandson, took Winners Dog the second day to finish his championship as well. Congratulations to Strider and his owner, Cindy Goodman. All in all, it was a thrilling weekend for us!

February 10, 2003 In his first appearance at Madison Square Garden at just two years old, Icecaps Crowns King of Pauper better known as "KC", receives the one Award of Merit in Finnish Spitz breed competition at the Westminster Kennel Club show. Congratulations KC and handler Karen Mounts!

December 11, 2002 Cisco has given birth to four puppies! Visit our Previous Litters page for photos!

November 1, 2002 Cisco's daughter, Princess Leia, receives an Award of Merit in breed competition at the 2002 FSCA National Specialty in Tulsa, OK at just 21 months old! And Cisco is the recipient of FSCA's Show Female of the Year 2002 Award! Congratulations to Cisco and Leia!

September 13, 2002 Princess Leia from Cisco's last litter was back for a few shows to get ready for the Specialty after many months away from the show ring. Leia surprises us all as she completes her championship by taking Best of Breed from the classes over two multi-group placing dog specials including our KC! Congratulations new champion Crowns Icecaps Princess Leia and to her family Karen, Dave and Lucas Swisher! And thank you to Judge Anthony DiNardo for recognizing the quality in this young girl.

September 8, 2002 KC has a great day in Louisiana as Judge Ann Hearn awards him a Group One!!! Congratulations KC and handler Ken Hapgood! And our heartfelt thanks to Judge Hearn.

August 10, 2002 Dr. Harry Smith singles KC out for another Group 4. He's doing well for a young boy!

July 28, 2002 Elaine Rigden rewards KC's performance with a Group 3 in Longview, TX. Nice showing KC!

May 19, 2002 KC takes Best of Breed three of the four days in Biloxi, MS and one of the days is awarded a Group 4 by Chuck Herendeen. Congratulations KC!

April 14, 2002 Crowns Icecaps Ariana, Cisco's daughter, is awarded Winners Bitch all three days at the shows in Perry, GA to finish her AKC championship at the age of 13 months. Ariana picked up 14 points in three weeks, including two major wins, to complete her championship run. Ariana was shown in Perry by Cindy Goodman of Kolstar Kennel, her new mom for the next two years. Congratulations new champion Ariana on a notable three weeks!

April 8, 2002 K.C. began his career as a "special" in a spectacular fashion at Crosby, TX just before his second birthday. With a 10 Finnish Spitz entry, he went Best of Breed both days over three other male specials, including the number one ranked Finnish Spitz in the U.S. Not to be outdone, Ariana took Winners Bitch both days and earned a four point major. And Cisco followed K.C. with Best of Opposite on Saturday and Sunday. Congratulations to all the "kids" on a highly memorable weekend, and to handler Karen Mounts and her assistant, Ken Hapgood, for all the effort they put into our babies!

February 4, 2002 With three V-1 ratings, Cisco wins her International Championship in one show weekend! Congratulations AM. Int'l CH Ice Caps Chankiita Sunrise on another fabulous show weekend!

December 15, 2001 CH Ice Caps Chankiita Sunrise, a/k/a Cisco, is Best of Opposite at the AKC Inaugural Invitational Classic Show in Orlando, FL! Congratulations Cisco on another winning performance!

October 15, 2001 Another national specialty weekend! Cisco repeats her performance from last year and is awarded Best of Opposite for the second year in a row. Congratulations Cisco!!! In addition, puppy Karaoke is Reserve Winners Dog at the tender age of 7 months as well as Best Puppy, and the last day is Winners Dog to finish his championship! Congratulations Karaoke and to his owner, Michelle Pessah! We believe Karaoke is the youngest Finnish Spitz to finish his championship this year. Also at the specialty, Princess Leia is Best Opposite in the Puppy Sweepstakes. And last but not least, KC is Winners Dog the second day to finish his championship! Nice showing!

October 8, 2001 Another great weekend, this time in Humble, TX! Karaoke is Winners Dog and Best of Winners for two major wins, and Princess Leia is Winners Bitch for her first major against strong competition!

September 23, 2001 A big day in Fort Worth. Cisco takes a Group 4, KC takes Winners Dog, and Leia takes Winners Bitch! Way to go!

September 16, 2001 After a quiet summer, we're back in action, this time showing Cisco's pups. Karaoke, Princess Leia and Ariana had their first show in Tyler, TX! At just six months, they all performed well their first time in the ring.

January 20, 2001 At the tender age of 9 months, KC earned an additional point towards his championship title by defeating the number one ranked Finnish Spitz in the US for Best of Breed at the Mississippi State Kennel Club show in Jackson, MS under Judge Alan Harper. Congratulations KC on this spectacular win!

December 9, 2000 In his second show, and his first with competition, KC was awarded Best of Winners for his first points and a major win. Congratulations KC!!!

September 20, 2000 Our Cisco, CH. Ice Caps Chankiita Sunrise, is awarded BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX at the 9th Annual Finnish Spitz Club of America National Specialty Show in Helena, MT just after her second birthday. Congratulations Cisco!!!

July 11, 2000 Our website is launched!

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