The Finnish Spitz is a robust, healthy dog that was and is bred in Europe for long hours of hunting. Like any breed, however, incidences of various diseases appear occasionally. Accordingly, you should ask any breeder you speak with about health issues in the lines.

The Orthopedic Foundation of America places incidents of hip dysplasia in the Finnish Spitz at around 3.5 per cent, making it one of the lowest ranking breeds for disabling HD. On occasion, however, it may appear. The best method of prevention is ensuring the sire and dam of any litter have been certified free of hip dysplasia prior to breeding.

On occasion, a Finnish Spitz will develop eye problems, although they are quite rare in this breed. Other problems that may appear are Addison's disease, epilepsy, knee and elbow issues, and heart problems. If you are considering adding a Finnish Spitz to your family, ask your breeder whether s/he is aware of any of these issues in the lines. For additional information on various diseases that may affect our canine friends, visit the Finnish Spitz Health Network and our Links page.


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