• A common nickname for the Finnish Spitz is "Finkie."
  • In Finland the hunting ability of the dog is so valued that no Finnish Spitz may earn a championship without proving first his/her hunting ability.
  • The Finnish Spitz has a distinctive, ringing bark or yodel. Press here to hear its voice.
  • In Finland there are annual contests to select a "King of the Barkers."
  • Here are how some owners describe the temperament of the Finnish Spitz - "The Finnish Spitz have a definite sense of justice. The FS will be quite put out for being blamed for a misdeed he did not do!"
  • The Finnish Spitz adores children, and will be best behaved for a child. If you can't get your dog to do what you want her to, just have a child make the request!
  • Many Finnish Spitz love water, and will jump into a pool or lake without a second thought, or simply lounge on the top step of a swimming pool in the summer.
  • When your Finnish Spitz wants attention, rather than jumping on you as many breeds do, he will bump your hand or leg with his head as you walk along.
  • Many Finnish Spitz are "spinners". When they become excited, they will spin in circles until they get what they want. They can accomplish this feat in even the smallest of spaces!
  • When Finnish Spitz puppies are born, their coat is primarily black! The black gradually fades, although traces may remain on their tails until they are two years old.
  • Some Finnish Spitz have a toe fetish! They will lick your toes given the opportunity and for as long as you can stand it!
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