While the Finnish Spitz is a beautiful breed, Finkies are not for everyone. Their hunting ability provides them with an independent streak that may make them less than an obedient dog. While some have done well in the obedience rings, it cannot be assumed when you buy a Finkie that it will do so. If this is your goal, we suggest that you have a discussion with your breeder about the personality of the specific dog you are considering. They tend to be slightly wary of strangers with close bonding to their owners. Most are not sufficiently wary to make them a good guard dog. Similarly, they rarely are lap dogs but would rather lay by your feet or next to you for their daily cuddling. They like to know where their humans are at all times, and enjoy the companionship of other animals.

Finkies are highly intelligent with long memories and a sensitive nature. They do not take well to harsh discipline in any manner. They are a slow maturing breed both physically and emotionally, and require the same patience provided to a child in the "terrible twos". They do not reach full maturity until they are four years old, which is when they are in their prime. They have a natural affinity for children and will not hurt even the most rambunctious child if they are raised together. Instead, they will walk away when the play becomes too rough. For this reason, they make an excellent family pet. They have a high energy level that requires a fenced area for running or daily exercise. They are natural barkers which is part of their hunting heritage. Our Finkies rarely bark in the house except during play but for those who live in close proximity to neighbors who object to their outdoor noise, bark control collars (non-shock) are an alternative. Their barking is not to be confused with their yodeling in conversation which they will carry on with their humans at length!

Finkies are exceptionally clean and frequently can be found grooming themselves in a manner similar to cats. They require only minimal human intervention which consists of weekly brushings or semi-weekly when they are shedding. They should not be bathed too frequently so as remove the natural oils in their coats. Most love to dig and will find a favorite digging spot. Many enjoy the water.

If you are interested in making a Finkie a part of your family, we will try to answer any questions you may have. At the same time, please remember they will always be a part of us and do not be offended by the many questions we will have of you. If you have a kind environment and are looking for a wonderful, lively companion for your next family member this breed may be for you!

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